Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Hearts Go Out...

Yesterday, the conversation at the MarkeTel  office turned to what a difficult spring it’s been for so many people this year. Floods, fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can make the world seem a very bleak place indeed.  Our hearts go out to the people that have been affected, and we’d like to urge everyone: take care of one another.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Special Promotion: 20% Off All Software Licensing

MarkeTel is pleased to offer a 20% discount on our Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer and IP PBX Software! We will custom build a solution that is a perfect fit to your situation regardless of size or type of infrastructure, such as a VoIP, T1-PRI or analog. We have various payment options for our very affordable communications solutions which are also scalable for your future business plans. Contact our team today to see how we can design  telephone and/or predictive dialing solution that fits your business needs.
Contact us at: 1-800-289-8616. Please quote code WESPRING to take advantage of this special promotion.

Special promotion discount only applies when the purchase is price paid in full. Payment must must be received no later than midnight of July 31, 2011.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The MarkeTel Solution

MarkeTel is an expert in providing Contact Centres with Solutions. We aim to provide the most simple, reliable and effective solutions to meet you call centre needs!
The MarkeTel Solution

MarkeTel's enterprise level product, the MarkeTel Pursuit®, is a unified communications solution comprised of multiple applications including: predictive dialer, auto dialer, IP-PBX, dynamic scripting and real time reporting software.
The suite of products is available either stand alone or combined as part of an affordable, customizable and expandable solution for your future growth plan. MarkeTel's complete turnkey contact center solution is a perfect fit for companies of all sizes and is made to be simple, reliable and effective.

Our solutions are designed specifically to help grow your business and improve customer satisfaction leading to an increase in sales and customer loyalty.


  • Anywhere Management – Remotely manage you’re your MarkeTel Pursuit™ from anywhere
  • Voicemail – both traditional and voicemail to e-mail
  • Call Monitoring and Recording – Silent and barge-in for quality assurance
  • Conference Bridge – Bridge as many parties as need be into your important calls
  • Call Forwarding – Stay in touch with your clients wherever they may be
  • Remote Agent –  Allows agents and supervisors to work from anywhere
  • Auto Dialer – Call ahead to confirm your appointments
  • Customized Switchboard – Simplify offices’ extensions
  • Pre-recorded message playing
  • Unlimited dispositions in suspend or call result entry
  • Automated hot transfer and continue next call

Friday, February 11, 2011

The MarkeTel Soft Phone (M Phone)

MarkeTel’s simple, reliable, and effective Soft phone application can help you combine voice calls, video calls, and instant messaging to a simple interface. Our Soft phone application allows you to transition from a traditional phone environment into the world of Voice over IP.

Benefits and Features

o       Simple to read icons allowing for easy navigation when using the Soft phone
o       Simple and quick installation
o       Cost Savings due to streamlined VOIP phone system network
o       Working remotely by registering the Soft phone to your company PBX
o       Drop down fields keep track of dialed numbers for quick dialing
o       Simple integration with your existing call status box
o       Easy navigation through call history, contact lists, and registered accounts
o       See when your contacts are available and send instant messages
o       Transfer files with ease and efficiency

Friday, February 4, 2011

MarkeTel's Unifed Communications Platform

MarkeTel Systems Unified Communications solutions simplify the amount of information overload businesses deals with on a daily basis. MarkeTel Systems works to eliminate inefficiencies in communications to make organizations more effective and productive. MarkeTel guarantees an effective and collaborative experience by connecting people and information through our Unified Communication platform. MarkeTel’s Unified Communications solutions offer:

  • Seamless Integration
  • Reliability and Security
  • Innovation
  • Productivity Focused
  • Improved Customer Service

Friday, January 21, 2011

Product Spotlight: The MarkeTel Pursuit® – Auto Dialing Solution

Boost contact rates and track live campaign results!

MarkeTel’s auto dialer is an automated dialing software solution used for a variety of broadcasting needs. With the MarkeTel Pursuit®, you can automatically call clients and provide them with vital information, including:  promotions, collection services, notifications, product updates, and more. With automatically delivered pre-recorded messages, your business will have more time to better serve customers and increase productivity by automating routine outbound calls.

Benefits & Features
  • Increase productivity by automating routine outbound calls
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Increase up-sell & cross-sell opportunities
  • Run multiple campaigns
  • Track campaign results in real time
For more information please visit us online at: or contact a member of our sales team at:

Have a great weekend!